Tanning Salon — August 18, 2019 at 12:29 PM

How long should you wait to shower after tanning bed?

When you’ve used a spray tan so you know not to shower after application for at least 8 hours. What about tanning beds, after tanning bed, how long will you wait for showering after a tanning bed?

Okay, it does rely on that.

Let’s just burst a common misconception first. Following a session in a tanning bed, showering isn’t rubbing off your tan. The darkening you see on your skin is caused by the melanin that is released by the body when exposed to UV rays.

using a tanning bed

You can’t even wash melanin off.

And if you’re using a tanning bed, you can shower as soon as you want and that won’t affect your tanning. Just use torrential spray. Your skin is always a bit too sensitive and may be uncomfortable with hot water. It could also strip oils off your skin, leaving them dry and exposed. You shouldn’t use rough soaps for that purpose too.

Then ensure a generous moisturizer slathering is applied. When your skin is too dry your tan looks a little burnt.

Showering too early before the drug has had an opportunity to set in completely will reduce its effectiveness. But ask the supplier of the drug or the tanning bed operator for the best advice about how long you can wait.

shower or bathe

Don’t use too-hot water for a shower or rough soaps.

You want to maintain as much moisture on your skin as possible, both for protection and to improve your beauty.

If you have a really hot water to shower or bathe, it will strip off oils from your bodies, allowing them to dry out. Also, the use of harsh soaps or skin products may cause moisture loss.

When you have to shower immediately, using only lukewarm water and gentle soap, as we have already described. And consider moisturizing.

Be good at exfoliating, on the same note. Too hard scrubbing can have the same drying effect, and might even make your tan look fading.