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How to design a beauty salon

Choosing an impactful piece of art over a full wall

The can question when it comes to long walls is whether you can put up lots or hardly any pieces of art to make it work. When you’re looking for a piece of artwork, then what kind is the key question: framed portraits, drawings or even posters. It may seem like a smart idea to cover your wall with these but it’s not always the safest. For some occasions (and given the theme of your reception area) a single statement piece is what fits best for you.

Choosing simple formed ways to design a beauty salon can also help you create a sophisticated look that looks full size but not overwhelmingly powered. Yes, even in a tiny place.

Wall Paint Colour: The Better The Lighter

This second trick of living room decoration is very simple: the lighter, the better. Selecting a lighter color for your wall will make a space look more spacious than it really is.

Using plants to look elegant

Let the customers see up. Through this, I mean using vertical space instead of attempting to overuse the field to get major effects. With plants, you can do that, adding a simple, lively touch to your interior design. In addition, tall plants give your reception area a sophisticated look, without interfering with the room flow.

Balancing the esthetics in rooms with over-scaled & miniature lamps

Many people have a normal propensity to seek and compress it all and make us forget a low ceiling. Sadly, this strategy could improve the final look even further. Start using lights and torches, instead. Balance things with some very large objects and others, too, close floor level options as decorating ideas of a beauty salon.

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Natural light will give a spacious feeling

The abundance of light (especially natural) often ignored will add a sense of spaciousness to your reception. When you are not getting a lot of sunshine, consider installing some natural light lamps

Should not have your furniture as small as your reception area?

Rather of splitting up your reception room into several mini-zones, why not accept the duration and fit into one full size sofa? Just because your room is small means your furniture doesn’t have to be huge. Only make sure it doesn’t fill the whole room or spill into other rooms.